Sourcing & Production

With over 20 years in the industry, our team at Baum Trading has established significant and long term relationships with factories all over the world.

Baum Trading Ltd is a true international operation, as well as our massive UK headquarters we also have dedicated teams of locally based sourcing managers and quality control officers on location close by our various Far East manufacturing facilities.
In addition to our own manufacturing operations  we also have a joint venture enterprise with a group of Chinese owned manufacturing centres. This unique collaboration enables both us and our customers to enjoy the benefits of having an impressive and alternative source for ready-made products that are not normally available to Western markets. By ‘dealing direct’ it creates a lucrative supply stream offering many attractive advantages for UK and Irish retailers.
We have also established a partnership with a large Asian based network of sourcing and quality control offices, and through our first joint operation, in Bangladesh, we are able to ensure that all garments are fully QC inspected within their extensively staffed offices.
All our overseas manufacturers are regularly audited by ourselves (and by our customers) to ensure the highest level of quality control. All manufacturers are selected for their ethical labour policies and we subscribe to an international code of fair-trading.
With products sourced from manufacturers based in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh and India we offer an enormous opportunity for variety and choice that is difficult, if not impossible to obtain from other suppliers