Design & Quality Control

Outstanding design

Fashion is not just about today … it’s about next season, and next year and knowing what’s going to be the next ‘best seller’ is what makes us stand out. We have a young and creative design team who have the talent and vision to keep both ourselves and our retail partners right at the forefront in the race for fashion sales success.

Our own-label collections cater for all consumer age groups, fashion tastes and price points. But we can also collaborate with clients to create their own exclusive house label ranges that truly reflect their store’s ‘style signature’.

Quality Assurance

Our QC procedures begin the moment an order is received, even before the point of manufacture, which is often in the Far East, and where we employ specialist inspectors to ensure that all products meet our stringent quality standards. It also continues here at our UK headquarters where our QC department inspects every order when it arrives … and crucially before we approve it for delivery to our retail clients.