Baum Foundation

We’re determined to make a difference

Some months ago, while on a business trip to Southern India, we were taken to visit a local hospital where we met a number of patients, one of whom - a small boy - instantly captured our hearts.

Because of acute kidney failure he, together with his family, was forced to travel many miles from his village for dialysis at the hospital twice a week. These were trips and treatments they could only afford by selling off all their personal possessions. So touched were we by their plight, that there and then we pledged to pay their medical and travel expenses. Sadly, a week or so later, the little boy died.
What this tragic experience did however was to inspire us to do what we could to try and make a difference and so we have now launched The Baum Foundation, a registered charity (number: 1141236). The formal statement of objectives reads as follows:
To promote and protect the health of children in any part of the world who are unable to access medical treatment, through the provision of financial assistance, services and practical support.
What it means is that we are building a fund to promote the necessary services and provide assistance wherever possible. We will ensure that all our donations go to the intended recipients, preferably by working directly with the local health centres, or through locally based registered charities. Importantly we have established a strict monitoring procedure to ensure that our plans and our finances are being processed both ethically and legitimately.
There are no administrative expenses
Equally importantly, we have pledged that all monies received into the Foundation will be used for the purpose intended and that any administrative expenses will be borne by ourselves.
At present all donations are being made personally by the directors of Baum Trading, however for our future projects, we hope that you will join with us in helping to fund these.
Why not help us to make a difference?